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What makes BET so special?

Brede Court Bed & Breakfast

Q: Where is "Brede"? Pronounced [Bri:d]

A: South of London, north of Hastings, approx. 8 miles from the coast.

Q: How do I get from London Heathrow to Brede?

A:(a) Usually we will arrange transport by minibus(ses) or taxi. (Average travel time 1hr 45 min.)

(b) If you want to make your own way, we suggest you allow us organise a taxi to pick you up. This is much cheaper than London taxis.

(c) The scenic way is to take the use the "Tube" to Victoria Station then to Charing Cross and take a train to Battle or Hastings station from where we can have you picked up. (Cheapest, but takes at least 3 hours). (Fast train into Paddington station is more expensive and doesn't cut the traveltime down by much).

Q: Do we get a day off in the middle of the course?

A: I am afraid not, our courses are total immersion courses, we work through the weekends. You do have however, on a twelve day course, a one hour "lie-in" on the middle Sunday; half an hour for yourself for Newspapers every day after lunch and 1hr 30 min private study before dinner.

Q: Do I need an "iron ration" of Müsli bars? Or what is the food like?

A: We are well-known for our excellent cuisine, "fresh food only" is our motto at "Brede Court" - no frozen or "ready" meals are used in other words: we use fresh local (where possible) produce and prepare everything fresh on the day or sometimes a day in advance (depending on each recipe).

Q: I am allergic to ... I am a vegetarian ... I am a diabetic ... I don’t like alcohol... I don’t like lamb ... I don’t like ...

A: Please let us know before the course and we will try to cater for your needs.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Casual - relaxed 'students' learn better. All this information will be handed out in our "Kurzinfo" before you register for the course.

Q: I have heard there is a pub in the vicinity. Do we get the chance to visit it?

A: Yes, the "Red Lion" is a typical ‘old-style’ village pub. We encourage our course participants to visit it at least once per course, as the pub is still the centre of social gatherings in England.

Red Lion Pub

Q: What are the excursions like?

A: We take you with our minibus(ses) to a destination (no more then 30 minutes' drive) and explain the history, social background, etc. In every course we organise one shopping trip to allow participants to buy presents.

Q: Do we have a chance to do some sport?

A: Yes.

1. We usually arrange a voluntary beginners' golf lesson on the driving range, or, for the more advanced golfer, we can also organise half a round of golf on the golf course.

2. Around Brede there are lots of little lanes which are safe for jogging or walking.

3. In co-operation with a gym club in Battle we also organise Badminton, Squash or Tennis in the summer. They also have a small weight training room.

4. Swimming can also be organised in the local swimming pool.

N.B.: As these are total immersion courses, we cannot arrange more than 2 sessions per course. All fees are to be covered by the individual as they are not included in the course cost.

Q: Do I need to bring any English currency?

A: A small amount, say £20 / £25 is useful for airport drinks, extra drinks at the pub etc., sport, entrance fees or presents. Extra cash can be obtained from cash dispensers on most of the excursions. (Please be advised that not many shops accept AMEX-cards in England).