What makes BET so special?

"Brede Court", Brede Hill, Brede, East Sussex, TN31 6EJ • Tel.: +44-1424-883105

or simply email Monika Pennington bredecrt@globalnet.co.uk for written and oral assessment (also see contact page).


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Brede Court Bed & Breakfast


Our goal is to enable our clients to do their job in English

as efficiently and as effectively as possible

  1. All our courses are business English courses.

  2. We offer real value-for-money - see example calculation. Our lean business structure allows us to help you save money.

  3. There are no hidden costs.

  4. We offer a minimum of 12 tutor contact hours in English daily! Constant correction and support.

  5. We work through the weekend!

  6. All of our tutors have lived in Germany and other European Countries for periods of time and therefore have hands-on-knowledge of Intercultural problems.

  7. All our tutors have specialised in Business English and have regularly given courses to top German Executives.

  8. No travel-time is wasted as tuition and living accommodation are on one site.

  9. "Brede Court" is situated in the centre of 1066-country which enables us to use the English speaking environment to the full, with the "Battle of Hastings" being the birthplace of modern spoken English and modern England.

  10. Total immersion in the English environment and our emphasis on our "only-English" policy enable our participants to make the maximum progress.

  11. All courses are tailor-made to the individual needs of each participant, the written and oral assessment creating the basis for each course.

  12. Our well proven learning system is unique and has been contantly praised over the past 20 years.

  13. We pride ourselves on the fact that 99.99% of our participants are happy with our courses and have been recommending us to their colleagues for the last 30 years. (A long list of references is available on demand). For years now, word of mouth recommendation has been our major marketing tool!

  14. Many participants have attended a staggering 5 courses with us!

  15. Since our exclusivity to Siemens ended in 1997, we have rapidly expanded to supplying courses to: BMW, Daimler - Chrysler, TRW, Vodafone, Infineon Technologies AG, ABB, Sanofi Aventis and many other companies as well as Siemens subsidiaries thus underlining our reputation for quality courses!

    Lately, we have also provided courses for SMS Meer and Anton Paar.